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About StockPro – a Baker/Florida Cooling Supply Managed Inventory Solution

What is Inventory Management?

A methodical, data-backed inventory solution is a necessity for businesses that wish to optimize cash flow, minimize time & labor costs, and provide outstanding customer service. StockPro from Baker/Florida Cooling Supply gives you the power, control, and tools you need to manage your inventory without up-front costs, expensive hardware, or labor-intensive set up and maintenance.

Baker/Florida Cooling StockProWhat is StockPro?

StockPro from Baker/Florida Cooling Supply puts the power in YOUR hands to easily and accurately manage your business’s inventory. With the simple download of the Baker Mobile app, you’re ready to take charge of your stock with a turnkey, cross-vendor inventory management system.

Baker will partner with you to evaluate your warehouse, recommend layout and location management improvements, identify eligible items, set min/max inventory levels (based on actual data), and print bin and shelf labels. They’ll also conduct thorough training to make sure anyone and everyone involved in the process is 100% on board.

Ongoing management is simple using the Baker mobile app, where either your team or Baker/Florida Cooling Supply’s team of experts can regularly evaluate your on-hand inventory and quickly reorder stock.

Why Use StockPro?

Manage your inventory directly from your mobile device and set and easily modify inventory levels based on your business needs using a single platform.

The right stock at the right time ensures technicians have what they need to get the job done right the first time, leading to satisfied customers and more jobs completed.

Replenish stock based on actual usage and demand so you can better manage your cash flow. Optimize purchasing and eliminate cycle counting.

Minimize unnecessary inventory and reduce carrying costs by up to 50%. Procurement and replenishment processes allow you to better plan on-hand materials and reduce internal labor costs. Reduce time-consuming trips to the supply house and increase billable hours. Eliminate manual order entry, checklists, stockouts, and guesswork.

Is StockPro Right for Your Business?

StockPro is a service especially designed for a business that maintains on-hand inventory of vendor supplied materials.

Do you frequently find that your business:

  • Experiences stock outs and has to delay jobs or service?
  • Has capital tied up in slow and excess inventory?
  • Has an overstock of unnecessary items and high write-offs?
  • Wastes time looking for items and manually ordering?
  • Needs a better way of managing, organizing, and replenishing stock?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, it’s time to talk about StockPro.

What is Your Next Step?

Contact your Baker/Florida Cooling Supply Sales Representative or visit the Baker website at

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