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Company Culture: Perks and Appreciation that Build Team Unity

Want to inspire greater productivity and loyalty among your employees without breaking the budget? Showing appreciation for their efforts is a company culture touchpoint that can boost morale and bring deeper commitment to the future of your business.

Steve Fales
Steve Fales

Here are some low-cost ideas that let your team know their dedication is noticed and valued.
Celebrate Lighthearted Holidays. From food-fueled holidays that salute popcorn or pancakes to a haiku challenge that encourages the creation of short poetry, the calendar is full of small, upbeat occasions to bring everyone together for a fun timeout. Check each month and pick some holidays that give your team excuses to eat, laugh or engage in an amusing activity.

Hold Breakfast-For-The-Bunch Fridays. Treat the team to breakfast on certain Fridays. Bring in some bagels, donuts or egg sandwiches to show your appreciation for the accomplishments of the week. The tasteful gesture will be remembered long after the last bagel leaves the bag.
Give Free Car Washes. Bring in a professional car washing service to give your employees’ vehicles that showroom shine. Having their cars washed and waxed in your office parking lot shows everyone that their hard work pay offs in practical ways.

Offer Exclusive Discounts. If you own a restaurant or retail store, offer employees an attractive, staff-only discount on the things you sell. You’ll likely get the loss of revenue back many times over as your team members work hard to keep the win-win benefits flowing.

Create a Recreation Space. Set up a breakroom with a few games on the shelves or put up a basketball hoop over a loading bay. Workplace recreation can have an energizing effect on employees, and it shows your company cares about their stress levels.

Include the Family. Plan special events for employees and their families like a summer picnic in a park or a Christmas party at a restaurant or team member’s home. These gatherings will deliver goodwill 12 months a year.

Regardless of what else you do, simply recognizing an employee’s contribution in front of other staff can make one of the biggest impressions of all. Praise loudly when a job is well done and let all employees know the company appreciates the team’s efforts.

Congratulate. Celebrate. Provide perks and incentives. The costs can be relatively small, but the return on investment in employees who feel appreciated can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Steve Fales is President of AdServices, a full-service advertising and marketing firm located in south Florida. Serving the HVAC industry since 1998, AdServices has helped many contractors develop top of mind awareness. Contact Steve by calling 800-963-1914 or emailing

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Informing & Supporting
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& the Industry