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1:25 am, April 17, 2024
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Elastocaloric Cooling System Opens Door to Climate-Friendly AC

Air conditioning, refrigeration, and other cooling technologies account for more than 20 percent of today’s global energy consumption, while the refrigerants they use have a global warming potential thousands of times greater than carbon dioxide. In a recent study in the journal Science, a team led by Maryland Engineering Professors Ichiro Takeuchi, Reinhard Radermacher, and Yunho Hwang introduced a high-performance elastocaloric cooling system that could represent the next generation of cooling devices……..The team says it’s possible to improve the performance of its system enough to make the technology commercially viable within several years. A current prototype can produce 200 watts of cooling capacity, enough to power a compact wine fridge, with plans to expand to window units, whole-house cooling systems, and commercial HVACs eventually.  Read more.

Metallic solid-state refrigerant tubes used for elastocaloric cooling, an environmentally friendly refrigeration technology.
Credit: Jiaqi Dai/Maryland Engineering

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