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Florida Company PrimoAire LLC Introduces Innovative Air Quality Control System

Venice, FL based PrimoAire LLC has introduced the PrimoAire HAQ System to monitor, treat and automatically adjust the air quality in homes.

The PrimoAire Hublay bridge

“The purpose behind developing the PrimoAire HAQ System was to economically bridge the gap between residential air quality monitoring sensors and 3rd party control devices,” stated PrimoAire LLC founder Steve Chin-Yee. During his years of owning and operating a local HVACR installation and service company, Steve became very familiar with effective systems to address individual IAQ deficiencies with no way to interconnect them. “We developed our air quality monitor to sense temperature, humidity, VOC’s, CO₂, and fine dust to 2.5 PPM. The monitor links via Wi-Fi to our Hublay relay panel which controls up to five 3rd party devices.”

The installing contractor can mount the Hublay anywhere in the home that has access to Wi-Fi, including the garage or attic. He then connects any third party air quality devices, including dehumidifiers, humidifiers, whole home HEPA filtration systems, ERVs, HRVs or ventilation systems to the Hublay. The devices and the Hublay communicate through 2 wire 24V connections.

The result is a totally automated air quality control system. For example, a contractor sells a monitor and Hublay paired with a dehumidifier. Once installed, the homeowner can set their home’s humidity on the PrimoAire app to the level they want. If the air quality monitor senses the humidity is outside of the level set, it will send a signal to the Hublay and automatically turn on the dehumidifier until the humidity is back to the set level. The PrimoAire app also allows the homeowner to monitor and control temperature, humidity, VOC, CO₂ and dust levels through their smartphone or tablet. Another feature is the ability to monitor multiple residences on the app.

“We wanted to get a product in supply houses that contractors can have on their trucks at a reasonable price point so their technicians can generate 4 or 5 times their investment while improving the comfort and IAQ levels of their customers,” Steve concluded.

Ask for the PrimoAire HAQ System at your local HVACR distributor or contact PrimoAire LLC for more information by calling 941.279.3679 or visiting

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