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12:28 am, June 24, 2024
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One Year Anniversary

In August of 1992 Walter Arnett and the Insider Newspaper Group published the first edition of the Florida HVAC Insider monthly newspaper, beginning a 30+ year run of serving the Florida HVAC industry. The February/March Edition of 2023 marked the end of a tremendously successful presence in the marketplace, with the paper mailing up to 88-page editions to over 7,500 monthly subscribers. How time flies.

May 14, 2023, marked the first appearance of the website. Time still flies, maybe faster than ever.

The first milestone for the website was the February 28, 2024, sending of the inaugural twice-monthly eLetter. This additional feature has been a great success, with over 14,500 delivered so far, averaging a 41% open rate! Subscribe to the eLetter HERE.

I look forward to guiding this project for many years to come, providing a regional source for product and news developments and the regional calendar feature as a clearinghouse for industry activities.

Thank you to the visitors and readers for your engagement, my advertisers and friends for their support and the content contributors that provide so much value to the site!

Peter Montana, Founder and Director



In the Spotlight

FRACCA RSA Legislative Wrap Up

From the Director: Representatives of RSA Consulting Group, LLC, will soon be traveling around the state providing Florida Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (FRACCA) affiliated chapters a 2024 legislative wrap up. I encourage you to attend one of these sessions to learn details not covered in the official release. You do not have to be a member to attend.

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Informing & Supporting
Conditioning Air Professionals
& the Industry