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Quail Systems’ Vortex Cleans Air, Sanitizes Surfaces

With decades of experience developing ozone technology, the team at Quail Systems introduces the latest addition to its family of products designed to offer a sanitizing solution that uses ozone to safely eliminate microbial contaminants including the common cold, the flu, and SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19.

Robert Smith, Quail Systems
Robert Smith

In a matter of minutes, Vortex provides a quick, powerful blast of ozone in an unoccupied space for the most effective, efficient sanitization possible without leaving any harmful residue. Vortex features include an automated timer, four heavy-duty wheels for easy movement between rooms, and a 20-foot retractable power cord. The Vortex is made of durable long-lasting aluminum and is easy to use by simply plugging it in and setting its timer.

“The Vortex produces a mass whirlwind of ozonated air dispersed throughout any room to sanitize and destroy all known viruses, bacteria, and microbial contaminants,” Robert Smith, Quail Systems President, said. “Our product improves the safety and quality control for any business and does not affect any other electronics or alarms in the room.”

Versatile and easy to use, the Vortex fits into a multitude of spaces including financial institutions, offices, schools, churches, hotels, clinics and even buses.

“Our additional line of ozone products are built using the highest quality materials; Vortex offers the latest and most effective sanitizing method for unoccupied spaces,” Jennifer Wood, chief operating officer, said. “With Vortex operating in multiple spaces, businesses can be confident they are providing a healthier environment.”

For more information about Vortex and Quail Systems visit The Quail family of products includes the Refrigerated Transport Series, the Sink and Universal Water Series, and the Mobile Sanitizing Series.

Quail’s Mission: To be the preeminent air and water sanitization partner for commercial and consumers to ensure health and safety. We strive to provide the most effective and efficient ozone sanitization solutions to our customers to fight the spread of illness by eliminating airborne and waterborne pathogens. We seek to offer a comprehensive line of sanitization solutions built with our proprietary ozone technology and developed by Quail’s team of experienced scientists and engineers. Ozone is the solution that can provide a fresh, sanitized and odor-free indoor environment.

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Informing & Supporting
Conditioning Air Professionals
& the Industry