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11:17 am, July 20, 2024
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Spectroline®Introduces New Products: GLO Seal™ Kits

MELVILLE, NY— Spectronics is proud to announce the launch of two new kits for the GLO Seal™ product family. These new UV dye and AC sealant kits will provide customers with additional choices when it comes to selecting complete leak detection solutions.

 The Advantage of Using GLO Seal

GLO-SEAL™ is fully compatible with all refrigerant types including new A2Ls, and is engineered with a non-polymer, oil-soluble formula that’s safe for system components and recovery equipment. It meets ASHRAE 97 standards for chemical stability without any damage to the system.

With one quick installation, GLO Seal™ pinpoints the exact location of all leak and micro-leak areas and AC&R leaks from the inside will be sealed. GLO Seal™ is perfect for preventing further issues and ensuring all leaks will be found, making it a strong 2-in-1, find and fix solution for AC&R systems and preventative maintenance solutions

About The Kits

The GLO Seal™ Stick Complete Fluorescent Leak Detection Kit (SPE-MVLGSDS) and The GLO Seal™ EZ-Ject™ Complete Fluorescent Leak Detection Kit (SPE-MVLEZDS) are composed of everything needed to find and fix a leak. They come with (4) GLO Seal cartridges, injector and hose assembly, UV LED leak detection lamp, Glo-Away Plus dye cleaner, and R-410a adapter. Each cartridge treats up to 3.5 tons (12.3kW) of cooling, for a kit total of 14 tons (49.2kW) of cooling.

About Spectronics Corporation:

Spectronics Corporation has engineered the highest-quality, premium-performance leak detection dyes and products since 1955. As the inventors of ultraviolet fluorescent leak detection, they take pride in crafting the most superior leak detection dyes in the industry. They are a family-owned company with three generations of experience in delivering award-winning professional service and the industry’s most powerful leak-detection dyes, additives, and lamps. For additional information, call toll-free 1-800-274-8888. Outside the U.S. and Canada, call 516-333-4840. Visit their website at

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Informing & Supporting
Conditioning Air Professionals
& the Industry