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1:46 am, May 23, 2024
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Alexa Lee Named Executive Director of PBACCA

Alexa Lee

Alexa Lee has been named Executive Director of the Palm Beach Air Conditioning Contractors Association (PBACCA).

Alexa is a dedicated and creative community organizer with a profound passion for industry level change, education and advocacy. With a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology, she has consistently impacted the lives of individuals across various communities for over 20 years.

As the Executive Director of the Palm Beach County Behavioral Health Coalition, she spearheaded the development of innovative, community-driven strategies focused on substance prevention. Through a comprehensive strategic approach, Alexa collaborated with families, schools, government officials, law enforcement, and community organizations to implement effective solutions.

For over the past 24 years, Alexa has contributed her expertise to event planning company Innovative Leisure, Inc., facilitating recreational activities and leadership trainings, enriching the experiences of both professionals and families.

Alexa Lee’s commitment to community empowerment and strategic leadership makes her a valuable asset to the PBACCA. Her diverse skill set, honed through years of dedicated service, positions her as a capable and visionary leader within the HVAC industry.

PBACCA has been an association for the air conditioning trade for 40 years with a total membership of over 125 company members. Since its onset, the focus has been to promote and protect the interest and welfare of the HVACR industry, its members and the public which it serves.

Reach Alexa by emailing or calling 561.585.3880.

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