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AprilAire Introduces UVC Coil Cleaner and Clean Air Pair

AprilAire has introduced the AprilAire UVC Coil Cleaner (Model AUV24V), which is installed over the evaporator coil of an existing residential HVAC system to continuously clean the coil with germicidal UVC light, preventing and destroying mold and biofilm buildup. The new UVC Coil Cleaner kills up to 99.9%* of mold on the surface of the evaporator coil, is easy to install with two mounting options (an external bracket and an internal magnet), improves the AC system’s efficiency, and is a cost-effective solution for chemical-free coil cleaning.

When mold and biofilm coat the evaporator coil, they act as an adhesive attracting dirt and biological contaminants that insulate the coil and impede the cleanliness and efficiency of a system. Such coils are not only dirty, but can also reduce the heat/cool transfer efficiency by as much as 15% and restrict air flow, increasing the fan pressure or pressure drop across the coil. The AprilAire UVC Coil Cleaner operates with a powerful UV lamp designed to destroy and prevent mold and biofilm from growing on the evaporator coil and surrounding areas, preventing the coil from becoming a source of bad air quality.

In addition to the stand-alone solution, AprilAire is offering the new UVC Coil Cleaner as part of a Clean Air Pair bundle, which also includes an AprilAire Air Cleaner and Air Filter in one convenient box for professional contractor partners. When used in combination, the air cleaner captures airborne contaminants while the coil cleaner kills up to 99.9%* of mold on evaporator coil surfaces, resulting in Healthy Air for homeowners as well as a great value.

“We unveiled the UVC Coil Cleaner last month in Las Vegas at IBS 2023 and we’re pleased to deliver it nationwide to all our valued professional partners,” said AprilAire Senior Category Manager Jens Housley. “It’s our ongoing objective to offer high quality products to help people breathe Healthy Air in their homes and the new UVC Coil Cleaner is the latest step toward that goal. Cleaning and sanitizing the interior coils of an HVAC system, places you don’t normally see every day, is just as vital as capturing visible dust in a home. We’re proud to offer this UVC technology that averts mold and biofilm before it can build up on evaporator coils and we look forward to partnering with our industry pros across the country to deliver this solution to homeowners.”

The AprilAire UVC Coil Cleaner is sold in a single unit or a case of 12, each containing a 16″ UVC (254nm) lamp, an electronic 24V ballast with LED system status indicator, a magnetic multi-bracket for various types of installations, mounting hardware, white cotton gloves (the UVC lamp should never be touched with bare hands), a lamp change-out reminder decal (lamp should be changed annually), and installation instructions. Contractors can find the complete specification sheet here and additional information on the AprilAire Partners website.

AprilAire Healthy Air solutions are led by the AprilAire Healthy Air System®, a set-it-and-forget-it, whole-house solution for all-in-one fresh air ventilation, air purification, humidity control, zoning, control, radon mitigation, and sanitization which are all essential to maintaining proper indoor air quality. To find the right solution for their residence, homeowners should contact their local AprilAire Healthy Air Professional for a consultation. More information at

*Testing performed on Aspergillus niger mold spores in a sheet metal duct with a new bulb placed 18 inches from the surface.

About AprilAire

AprilAire is on a mission to make homes healthy. We believe everyone deserves Healthy Air and envision a future with Healthy Air in every home. We value healthy living, customer inspired innovation, simplicity of design, straight talk and delivering real results as promised, and most importantly making a positive difference in the lives of our customers, families, and communities. Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin since 1954, AprilAire has been creating and delivering Healthy Air solutions to manage air purity, humidity, fresh air supply, radon mitigation, and temperature for all types of homes, in all environments. We have an unparalleled reputation as the brand of choice among tens of thousands of professional contractors and make a Healthy Air difference in the lives of the millions of families who rely on our products every day. To learn how to turn your house into a Healthy Home with the AprilAire Healthy Air System® and learn about other solutions, visit

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Informing & Supporting
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& the Industry