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Bob Rosas Needs Our Help

Many of you met Bob Rosas during his long career in our industry, dating back to the early days of H.B. Adams. He not only worked in distribution but also as president of a major air conditioning and service contracting firm, president of an air duct distribution company and national sales manager for a flexible duct company. Our readers in South Florida may have met him when he represented the Florida HVAC Insider as South Florida Associate Editor in 2016 and 2017.

Bob Rosas

Bob left the Florida HVAC Insider earlier this year so he and Rhonda could move to Georgia to help raise their young grandchildren. They were in the process of moving into a home they found in Ellijay when tragedy struck.

Bob Rosas
Bob Rosas

On August 3, while transferring some belongings from storage to their home, a car traveling at a high rate of speed struck the truck they were in on the driver’s side where Bob was seated. Rhonda was not seriously injured but Bob suffered a broken neck. He was airlifted to Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, GA and had emergency surgery late that night to repair a hematoma on his spinal cord. He was paralyzed from his chest down and had surgery #2 on August 10, 2018 to repair his neck injury with plates and screws. He emerged from the surgery able to speak but unable to swallow or move his extremities. Fortunately, he had some feeling in his arms and legs.

Rhonda spent seventeen days and nights in his room in the intensive care unit monitoring his condition. Bob was transferred to North Fulton Hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit September 1 and has been working diligently with his therapists trying to regain movement with his arms and legs. As of September 14, there has not been much change and he is still unable to swallow but his spirits have lifted and everyone is hoping to see improvements soon.

Rhonda established a GoFundMe account to help with their monthly bills and the mounting medical expenses. I am asking you to help with a donation, no matter the amount, and to share his story with others who may be able to help. Rhonda asks everyone to “continue to pray for him and PLEASE continue to share his story as we are in desperate need of funds! Thank you for your prayers and contributions!” Go to and search “Bobby Rosas Ellijay” to locate their account. Peter Montana, Editor Florida HVAC Insider.



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