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Building Talent Foundation and ACCA Join Forces to Promote Careers in HVACR and Bring More Skilled Workers into the Industry

Alexandria, VA (June 20, 2023) – Building Talent Foundation (BTF), a national nonprofit dedicated to advancing the education, training, and career progression of young people and people from underrepresented groups into residential construction, helping them develop into skilled technical workers and business owners, and Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) are excited to join forces. ACCA is a nationwide, non-profit association for professionals that install and maintain HVACR systems, dedicated to promoting professionalism in the contracting industry and setting the standards for proper HVACR system design, installation, and maintenance procedures. BTF and ACCA are committed to promoting HVACR careers, attracting young people into the sector, and establishing a pipeline of talent for the industry’s future.

The timing of this partnership announcement is crucial for the industry, as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects over 40,000 annual HVACR openings through 2030, with retirements outpacing the entry of new technicians into the field. This collaboration aims to address these challenges by promoting and facilitating careers in the HVACR industry. BTF and ACCA will work to connect HVACR program graduates and job seekers with internship and employment opportunities provided by ACCA member companies.

“I am thrilled about this partnership because it opens so many internship and job opportunities for our program participants, and we care deeply about connecting people with excellent companies,” said Branka Minic, Chief Executive Officer of BTF. “This partnership will not only grant young people and individuals from underrepresented groups access to employment and on-the-job training with quality ACCA companies, but it will also contribute to the growth and revitalization of the HVACR industry through a younger workforce.”

This partnership represents a significant milestone in promoting professionalism, fostering growth, and creating a network of support within the HVACR industry. By leveraging their collective strengths and shared vision, BTF and ACCA are confident in their ability to empower aspiring HVACR workers and pave the way for a thriving and skilled workforce.

“For the past decade, ACCA’s top priority has been addressing the skilled workforce shortages that have limited ACCA’s members’ ability to grow their businesses,” said Barton James, ACCA president & CEO. “Helping ACCA companies recruit, hire, and keep the best talent in their markets through this partnership with BTF is one more powerful tool in our toolbox for our members to access. ACCA members will now have a chance to hire from a new, diverse pool of qualified candidates. This collaboration enables us to move the needle forward on our top priority and show that our essential industry is a great place for talented people to have long-lasting careers and further elevate the standards of HVACR practices nationwide.”

About ACCA

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America, is the nation’s premier trade association for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration contractors. ACCA’s member companies provide quality service in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, building and home performance, solar, hydronics, and plumbing. ACCA has created the nationally-recognized and industry-endorsed standards needed to ensure HVACR systems are properly installed and maintained. Learn more at

About Building Talent Foundation

Building Talent Foundation (BTF) is a national non-profit organization founded by the Leading Builders of America, with a purpose to address the acute and persistent talent shortage across residential construction. BTF’s mission is to advance the education, training, and career progression of young people and people from underrepresented groups, helping them develop into skilled technical workers and business owners in residential construction. For more information visit and follow BTF on LinkedIn.


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