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Cleaning Coils in Tight, Dark Spaces is Now Easier With SpeedClean’s New CoilJet Flexible Wand with LED Light

SpeedClean’s latest cleaning accessory is making it easier for HVACR professionals to clean coils in small spaces with little to no light. The CoilJet® Flexible Wand with LED Light works with the popular CoilJet coil cleaning system, and is ideal for cleaning dark, tight spots that are found in mini split systems, air handler coils, PTAC coils, refrigeration units and hard-to-reach coils. The LED light allows the user to be able to easily confirm that any dirt or debris has been removed.

SpeedClean Flex wandThe CoilJet Flexible Wand simply connects to SpeedClean’s CoilJet coil cleaning system using a quick-connect adapter and users can turn on the light to have the ability to clearly see the coils while the cleaning occurs. The flexible design can bend or curve to reach even the tightest spots.

“It’s common for HVACR professionals to need to clean coils that are in dark or tight spaces and it can be a challenge to make sure the job was done thoroughly,” said Mike Hardy, vice president of SpeedClean. “The CoilJet Flexible Wand with Light provides the necessary light during the cleaning, which will improve accuracy and the end result.”

Features of the CoilJet Flexible Wand include:

  • 12” flexible design
  • Battery pack rating of IP65 (powered by 2 AA batteries which are included)
  • Made from high grade copper materials
  • Makes cleaning coils in dark, tight spaces easier

If you would like more information on SpeedClean’s specialty professional maintenance tools and equipment, visit for product and distributor information or call 888-700-3540.

About SpeedClean

SpeedClean, LLC manufactures and markets industry leading maintenance tools for the residential and light commercial HVAC maintenance professional. Our products provide contractors with quick and efficient solutions to unique maintenance problems, including cleaning coils, descaling tankless hot water systems, cleaning chiller, heat exchanger tubes and more. Visit for more information.

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