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General Filters, Inc. Enhances DH Series Dehumidifier Control Boards and APP, Announces New Humidifiers

General Filters recently made enhancements to the control boards and APP of their DH75 and DH100 Wi-Fi dehumidifiers, initially introduced two years ago. First, if Wi-Fi signal is lost for any reason (power outage, etc.) the board will continually attempt to reconnect until the connection is again restored. Other upgrades include a freezestat lockout setpoint, dewpoint lockout setpoint, and fan idle to enhance performance in various weather conditions. Lastly, a humidity sensor offset allows calibration to other humidity measuring devices in one’s home. The APP has been updated with the addition of a help button to the screen that takes users to the General Filters website Support Center for assistance.

GeneralAire Model 5500 steam humidifier
GeneralAire Model 5500 steam humidifier

GeneralAire® Models DH75 and DH100 whole-house dehumidifiers feature the convenience of Wi-Fi and LCD touch screen controls to view humidity levels and change the settings from almost anywhere. Smaller and lighter than earlier models, the units feature MERV 11 pleated filters to protect internal components and are capable of extracting 75 and 100 pints of water per day, respectively.

The GeneralAire Wi-Fi APP eliminates the need for users to enter attics or crawl spaces to monitor and change settings. The control displays the temperature, humidity, humidity set point, functions status and filter hours to indicate the need for filter replacement. The units can also be controlled by remote dehumidistats.

The DH75 and DH100 are designed for residential and light commercial applications and can be operated as stand-alone units or incorporated into a home’s duct system. Used in conjunction with central air systems, the units allow for higher cooling set points resulting in reduced energy costs and extended equipment life. The only maintenance required is filter replacement every 6 months or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first.

Designed and assembled in the USA, the units feature an angled display visible from the top or side, low-temperature shut off, fan-only operation, integrated handles, dual quick-release filter access doors, and adjustable feet. Duct collars are included, while optional hanging harnesses are available.

GeneralAire® DH75 and DH100 dehumidifiers are backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Product warranties are void if not installed by a qualified contractor.

The new GeneralAire® model 5500 electrode Steam Humidifier is smaller than previous steam models and offers several new features that reduce installation and maintenance time. One model now accommodates either a 115 or 230V installation (with the flip of an internal switch). One cylinder accommodates regular and low water conductivity.
The new GeneralAire® 3200 and 4200 evaporative humidifiers have been designed with high-efficiency furnaces, lower plenum temperatures, tight installation spaces, and ease of contractor installation in mind.

Virtually every component of today’s typical humidifier has been redesigned. A restyled low-profile cover, chassis, vapor pad frame, and distributor trough work together to force air at its warmest point through the pad to achieve maximum output.

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