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6:36 am, June 23, 2024
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General Filters, Inc. Launches New Humidifier Lineup, Announces Dehumidifier Enhancements

General Filters, Inc. recently announced the launch of their new GeneralAire® model 5500 Steam Humidifier and models 3200 and 4200 Evaporative Humidifiers.

GeneralAire Model 5500 steam humidifier
The new GeneralAire®
model 5500 electrode
Steam Humidifier.

The new electrode steam model 5500 is smaller than previous GeneralAire® steam models and offers several new features; features that reduce installation and maintenance time and speak to the advanced technology with which it is made. One model now accommodates either a 115 or 230V installation (with the flip of an internal switch). One cylinder accommodates regular and low water conductivity.

The 3200 and 4200 evaporative humidifiers have been designed with high efficiency furnaces, lower plenum temperatures, tight installation spaces, and ease of contractor installation in mind. Virtually every component of today’s typical humidifier has been redesigned.

A restyled low-profile cover, chassis, vapor pad frame, and distributor trough work together to force air at its warmest point through the pad to achieve maximum output.

General Filters GeneralAIre humidifier
The new GeneralAire® 3200 and 4200 evaporative humidifiers are designed for tight installation spaces.

The 3200 accommodates a 3200 square foot home, the 4200 accommodates a 4200 square foot home, and the 5500 accommodates a 5500 square foot home; helping counter sales and contractors easily select the right model for the job. The compact designs also address the issue of reduced installation spaces. Performance, selection, ease of installation, and simple maintenance are achieved by these revolutionary designs.

General Filters DH75 Dehumidifier
The GeneralAire® DH75 (shown) and DH100 feature WiFi connectivity and LCD touchscreen controls.

General Filters initially introduced their DH75 and DH100 Wi-Fi dehumidifiers two years ago, but recently made enhancements to the control board and APP. First, if Wi-Fi signal is lost for any reason (power outage, etc.) the board will continually attempt to reconnect until the connection is again restored. Other enhancements include a freezestat lockout setpoint, dewpoint lockout setpoint, and fan idle to enhance performance in various weather conditions. Lastly, a humidity sensor offset allows calibration to other humidity measuring devices in one’s home.

General Filters added a help button to the APP screen that takes users to the General Filters website for help topics should they have questions.

For more information on all GeneralAire® IAQ products visit

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Informing & Supporting
Conditioning Air Professionals
& the Industry