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In Memoriam: Roberto “Bob” Rosas, August 22, 1947-April 7, 2019

Industry veteran Roberto “Bob” Rosas passed away on Sunday, April 7, 2019 due to complications from injuries sustained in an auto accident on August 3, 2018.

Bob Rosas
Bob Rosas

Born in Tampa, FL on August 22, 1947, Bob began his HVAC/R career upon graduating from high school, working in the warehouse at Florida Air Conditioners in Clearwater. He quickly advanced to Territory Manager and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and Marketing while working there. He not only worked in distribution but also as an officer with a major air conditioning and service contracting firm. As national sales manager of flex duct company Owl-Flex Inc. he was instrumental in the development of the golden triangle flex duct system. Most recently he represented the Florida HVAC Insider as South Florida Associate Editor. Bob loved being on the water, fishing, animals, making people laugh and, most of all, his family.

Bob and his wife Rhonda moved to Georgia in July of 2018 to help raise their young grandchildren. On August 3, while transferring some belongings from storage to their home, a car traveling at a high rate of speed struck the truck they were in on the driver’s side where Bob was seated. Rhonda was not seriously injured but Bob suffered a broken neck. Bob fought a very tough battle with quadriplegia and constant bouts with pneumonia until succumbing to his injuries.

Bob is survived by his loving wife Rhonda, five children and six grandchildren.

A Message from Rhonda Rosas:

“It’s with great sadness that the love of my life, Roberto “Bob” Rosas, passed away on Sunday, April 7. Bob fought a very tough battle and finally he couldn’t fight any longer and I know he is not suffering any longer. From the time he began his career in the HVAC world, he made many friends, I don’t think I ever heard him speak badly of anyone, he was truly a gentleman. Unfortunately, we lost our life insurance when we moved to Georgia as I covered us on my company’s insurance. Since our auto accident happened four (4) days after moving into our home we did not have time to purchase life insurance. His medical bills thus far are well over $1.4M; therefore, I have reinstated our ‘GoFundMe’ account named: ‘In Memory of Bob Rosas.’ If you can find it in your heart to donate to his memorial, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you to all of you for making my love, Bob Rosas, so happy to have known you. God Bless to all of you who came into Bob’s life.”

Editor’s note: Visit and search “In Memory of Roberto ‘Bob’ Rosas” to contribute. A memorial service will be conducted in Florida at a date yet to be determined. Rhonda asked me to include her contact information in this announcement: email (preferred); mobile 239.850.7705.

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