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Innovative GlassHouse Platform Offers Home Service Contractors Unprecedented Customer Insights

GlassHouse CEO Jimmy Speyer

First-of-its-kind field-ready solution leverages comprehensive buyer intelligence to empower home services and skilled trades business owners to work with the right customers and grow their business

GlassHouse introduces the first customer intelligence platform for the trades and home services industries, a digital solution transforming how contractors and business owners engage with customers.

GlassHouse’s leverages the industry’s deepest catalog of consumer data to empower contractors and business owners with unprecedented buyer insights, helping businesses work with the right customers, grow their revenue, and become more profitable.

“Many home service and skilled trades businesses spend too much time completing difficult jobs and chasing payments,” said Jimmy Speyer, CEO of GlassHouse. “With the buyer intelligence, review collection and prospecting tools GlassHouse offers, they can prioritize sales and identify potential downstream costs before they accept a job. Our platform is the first solution that truly allows contractors to prioritize their loyal customers and get the best return for the time and capital they have invested in their business.”

GlassHouse allows operators in home services, trade businesses, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and pest control easily access potential client reviews and get notifications about prospects so they can avoid potentially costly high-risk engagements and successfully align payment and engagement terms with customers.

GlassHouse is the only vertical SaaS for trades and home services to feature a comprehensive range of customer engagement functions, including:

  • Customer insights: When it comes to the success of any business, the quality of customers is just as important as the quantity. With GlassHouse, contractors can research buyers, collect reviews from customers, get feedback from their team, and make sure they get paid.
  • Targeted prospecting: With over 4 billion data points, business owners can use GlassHouse to find and research the best buyers for their services. GlassHouse users can dive deep into a prospect’s digital footprint. Leveraging extensive public data, including income and credit range, review histories, and home size and history, contractors can tailor services and access detailed consumer information so they can target their ideal buyers.
  • Free business review collection: GlassHouse makes collecting online reviews fast, easy and effective by automatically sending your customers to the review site they use the most.
  • Rate your customers: GlassHouse users can enhance the industry’s leading store of consumer data by reviewing customer interactions with just a few clicks.
  • Integrations: The intuitive GlassHouse mobile app allows users to access and automate insights and track and enrich data from the field by connecting with multiple field management systems and office or accounting programs.

“Customer intelligence can be the difference between a struggling company and a successful one,” Speyer said. “Knowing a good customer from a bad one can help reduce collections, increase revenue, and prevent negative business reviews. GlassHouse is the first customer intelligence platform that empowers business owners to protect their company’s reputation and grow revenue by prioritizing good customers and minimizing risk.”

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About GlassHouse

GlassHouse, the first customer intelligence platform for the trades and home services industries, empowers business owners to prioritize their best customers and enjoy the maximum return on their invested time and capital. Contractors can use GlassHouse to easily access insights about potential clients and prospects before committing to a job. For more information, visit


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