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1:22 pm, July 18, 2024
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Quest Launches NEW Quest 225 Dehumidifier

Quest Climate, a leader in innovation and energy-efficiency, is proud to introduce its second product launch this year: the next-generation Quest 225 208/230V dehumidifier.

Named in tribute to its predecessor, the best-selling Quest Dual 225, the NEW Quest 225 208/230V dehumidifier has been thoughtfully re-engineered with Quest’s patented M-CoRR Technology, making it the most energy-efficient dehumidifier of its capacity. The new model boasts high performance and enhanced features, while offering a wider voltage range and compact size for installation flexibility.

Quest’s National Sales Director, Coleman Retzlaff, commented on the technology featured in the new dehumidifier, stating, “One of the challenges with any refrigerant dehumidifier on the market is that when temperatures and relative humidities drop, the performance of the dehumidifier (how much water it’s able to pull out of the air) drops off with it as well. With a traditional refrigerant dehumidifier, as conditions get cooler and drier, that performance will drop more quickly than something with our M-CoRR Technology, which maintains its performance much better.”

Other features and benefits of the new Quest 225 include:

· Onboard Digital Controls: Precise humidity setpoints, machine diagnostics, dark mode, and option for external controller.

· M-CoRR Technology: The most energy-efficient dehumidification technology on the market, patented by Quest, with the additional benefits of lowest amp draw, lowest heat output, and improved control.

· Integrated Hang Points: Free up floor space and easily suspend your dehumidifier above with just threaded rods.

· Superior MERV-13 Filtration: Removes harmful contaminants from the air, such as mold, bacteria, and some viruses without affecting the performance of the machine; 20% more effective than MERV-11.

The new Quest 225 208/230V will be available in early November through distribution. For more information, visit

About Quest: Quest, leading the dehumidification industry in innovation and technology since 2006, achieves the highest energy efficiencies on the market, meeting the strictest energy conservation regulations, and providing customers with substantial savings on utilities. With capacities ranging from 70 pints to 876 pints per day, Quest has a solution for any application.

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Informing & Supporting
Conditioning Air Professionals
& the Industry