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Sea Coast Curbs and Curb Adapters LLC Celebrates 35 Years of Serving Florida

Sea Coast Curbs and Curb Adapters LLC (Sea Coast), Ft. Pierce, FL, was founded in 1985 by brothers John and Patrick “Pat” Langel in response to demand from local contractors. John and Pat began fabricating roof curbs in 1981 to meet their own demands as owners/operators of Sea Coast Air Conditioning. They quickly earned a reputation for competency, quality and filling the need for quick turn-around, expanding their market area throughout Florida.

(L to R) Israel Moreno, Henry Sapp, Taylor Ramsey, Cody Gressinger, Brandon, Pat, Barbara and John Langel, Melissa Spicer, Dana Langel, Richard "Red" Peterson and Bobby Allen
(L to R) Israel Moreno, Henry Sapp, Taylor Ramsey, Cody Gressinger, Brandon, Pat, Barbara and John Langel, Melissa Spicer, Dana Langel, Richard “Red” Peterson and Bobby Allen.

In 2008 they added a 18,000 square feet facility with a state-of-the-art plasma cutter, coil line and the necessary controls to manage the computer-guided manufacturing processes. Their market had expanded to include the southeastern United States as well as the Caribbean.

In 2014 John and Pat realized that another expansion was inevitable and planning began.

“I was turning work away because I didn’t have the facility to manufacture it,” John’s son Brandon stated. “Some of our customers have product lines that include 100-ton capacities and greater and we couldn’t match their needs. This facility allows us to be a single-source provider for those customers.”

Sea Coast recently moved into a brand new, 30,000 square feet building located at 2600 Industrial Ave. #3, Fort Pierce, FL. The building is nearly double the size of their previous location with the electrical and ventilation infrastructure and assembly line designed to ensure that their manufacturing capacity can handle anticipated demands for many years to come.

Brandon and key employees were responsible for designing the new building.

“We’ve always listened to feedback from our employees in manufacturing and in the office so we asked for their input in the design,” John said.

“We asked each station’s team ‘How can we build this so you can be the best at what you do?’ and implemented changes that improved efficiency, safety and the workplace environment,” Brandon stated. “We also started adding employees a few years ago in preparation for this expansion. As we found good people, we hired them, even though we didn’t have immediate positions.”

John and Pat Langel retired in March of 2016, turning Sea Coast Air Conditioning over to their younger brother and placing Sea Coast Curbs and Curb Adapters, LLC in Brandon’s hands.

“I grew up around the AC and sheet metal trades,” Brandon said. “I started riding around in a service tech van for half the summer when I was 12 years old. Once I graduated high school, I took some business classes at a local college and knew I wanted to enter the industry but wasn’t sure if it would be on the contractor side or the curb adapter side. My dad and I discussed it and I decided to join Russell and the guys at the curb shop in 2006. I’m glad I did. It’s exciting to help contractors identify what they need in the way of a curb or adapter, take measurements and the next thing you know, we’ve taken an idea, applied it to some metal and delivered a solution to the customer.”

Sea Coast’s twenty-three employees are like family, according to Brandon. “They are capable of helping each other for the most part and, due to our management style, feel comfortable approaching myself or any of their supervisors with any questions. Over half of our production crew has been with us for over ten years.”

“Our facility is fully computerized featuring state-of-the-art software and fabricating equipment, including three automated plasma tables,” Brandon continued. “We have the capability to design and manufacture to match any roof pitch and corrugation. Sea Coast products are built to support a wide variety of installations, including HVAC equipment, smoke vents, skylights, fans, and other roof mounted fixtures. We carry all thicknesses of galvanized and aluminum in stock and work with custom metals such as galvalume, diamond plate and stainless steel, anything a customer may request.”

Every product that Sea Coast manufactures has a wind load rating for Miami-Dade code and they have an engineer on call to document new products before they manufacture them.

Everyone at Sea Coast understands the importance of providing a prompt response to customers’ needs, from identifying the required curb or adapter to building and delivering it.

Typical lead time is a day or two on a single curb adaptor and up to two weeks for multiple large adapter/new curb orders. Lead times very rarely surpass three weeks. Sea Coast also offers the added convenience of timed deliveries to crane yards and jobsites.

“We’re a customer service-based company that happens to sell metal,” Brandon concluded. “Big or small, we do it all!”

Contact Sea Coast Curbs and Curb Adapters LLC by calling 800-551-6606. Learn more or request a quick quote by visiting

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