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Tips to Prepare the HVAC Unit for Hurricane Season and Stormy Weather

Preparing for a major storm is incredibly important and Floridians are no strangers to these situations. While most homeowners know to stock up on nonperishable food supplies, flashlights, batteries, gas, and other stormproof essentials, one thing that gets overlooked is preparing the home’s HVAC system for the storm.

Anthony Perera, founder of Air Pros USA.
Anthony Perera, founder of Air Pros USA.

“Preparing the HVAC system for a storm helps reduce the likelihood of any damage while maintaining the indoor air quality for keeping families safe indoors,” says Anthony Perera, founder of Air Pros USA Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Services (Air Pros USA). “A few simple steps before, during, and after a storm can save homeowners thousands of dollars in storm-related repairs.”

Perera explains that planning for a hurricane season is extremely important, especially in the current climate because of COVID-19. Here are the steps homeowners can take to prepare the HVAC systems for the season and maintain a healthy indoor air quality:

Before the Storm

  • Secure the unit: Use either hurricane straps or a protective cage to secure the base; put a trap over the unit to help keep any loose debris and objects from damaging it.
  • Get rid of the foliage around: Remove any loose items and bushes around the unit to prevent any impact damage.
  • Invest in a generator: In case the storm causes a power outage, have a backup generator until the power comes back on.
  • Cooldown the home: Cool the home as much as possible to cover up for a potential shutdown during the storm.
  • Schedule a maintenance check: Prevention is critical. Have a professional come out to perform a maintenance check on the unit.

During the Storm

  • Turn off the system: To prevent damage to the unit during the storm, turn off the thermostat and circuit breakers for HVAC equipment.

After the Storm

  • Visually inspect for any damage: Once the storm has passed and it is safe to step outside, check the HVAC unit for any damage like dents and debris; call in a professional to assess the damage and do not turn the unit back on until assessed.
  • Turn on the breakers: If there is no major visible damage to the unit, turn the circuit breaker back on while monitoring for any noises.
  • In case of flooding: Never turn the power on in case there is flooding outside or inside the unit; call in a professional to inspect the unit and restore it safely.
  • Take photos: Lastly, take photos of any water or visible damage for documentation and insurance purposes.

“Hopefully these tips are useful as we want to help Floridians avoid expensive repair costs from preventable storm damage, which is why our customers trust us,” added Perera.

Air Pros USA’s team of highly qualified technicians are experts in helping homeowners prepare for the stormy weather and hurricane season. Air Pros USA offers high-efficiency products, such as HVAC Surge Protector, Time Delay Relays, and Condenser Ties Down, for homeowners’ peace of mind and protection against stormy weather. For more information on products and pricing or to schedule an appointment, visit or call 833-730-2133.

About Air Pros USA

Air Pros USA was founded in South Florida in 2017 on the premise of integrity, reliability, and putting our customers first. The company has quickly expanded to many metro areas within Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Texas, and Washington, with more franchise partners expected to be introduced soon. Air Pros USA currently employs over 250 experienced professionals with 10 Service locations. For more information or details on franchise opportunities visit

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