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Why Exploring an HVACR Career in 2023 Could be Rewarding

As Far As Careers Go, HVACR Goes Farther

As the job market ebbs and flows, hot new careers may come and go. But one thing remains consistent – homes and businesses always need skilled technicians to design, install and service their HVACR equipment. This makes the trades an ideal choice for someone looking for a lasting career that makes the most of their love of technology, problem-solving abilities and communication skills. Stability, security and plenty of opportunity are just a few reasons to consider a career in HVACR!

There are several ways to get started and many paths to grow a career. One way to start is to become a technician in the field for residential or commercial customers. These are the professionals who travel to a customer’s home or business to install a new system or troubleshoot and repair existing ones. They build relationships with customers while working in all kinds of settings and conditions. Skills and experience for this job are gained at a technical college or through an apprenticeship.

Another career could be designing new heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for buildings. This involves working with a team of mechanical, electrical and civil engineers to design a system that meets customer needs as well as building codes. Typically requiring an engineering degree, these roles are ideal for professionals who want to work in a comfortable environment away from the outside elements.

There are other options as well like a career in sales and marketing or working in a “green” field by retrofitting existing systems to work more efficiently. Each one of these career paths requires unique skills and has its own degrees as well as apprenticeship opportunities. Which path you choose depends on your career goals, skills and preferences.

One way to learn more about the field, products and how best to use them is through Fieldpiece University. This free online tool was designed for technicians and HVACR tool distributors to learn more about Fieldpiece products and how customers use them best.

Fieldpiece partnered with BlueVolt to develop the curriculum that makes the most of its learning management system tools. Each segment of Fieldpiece University is accessible on computers and mobile devices, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

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