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CE Spotlight – Pembroke Park Branch 2526

Contributed by CE Wholesale Area Manager Daniele Renfro

Charles Marshall (Branch Sales Associate), Gideon Cornileus (Branch Sales Associate) and Adrian Rosario (Branch Sales Manager)

The Pembroke Park CE Florida team brings 28 years of dedicated service, boasting a nine-year collaboration, and successfully established the current location three years ago.  Their extensive experience and longstanding partnership reflect a commitment to excellence.

Here are some fun facts about this great team:

Before becoming a valued member of our exceptional team, one of our team members worked as a delivery driver for several years, demonstrating commitment and a strong work ethic.

A team member can proudly say they have been a Little League football coach for 15 years, achieving success by winning a couple of Super Bowls with his team.

Then, there is one that in the beginning, was on a brief two-week commitment that progressed from a summer job into a full-time position in the warehouse.  Twelve years later, they continue to excel here at CE, showcasing long-term success.

So make your next stop our CE FL Pembroke Park location if you desire a lasting and reliable professional relationship with a team committed to consistently delivering what your company needs for success every day.

Visit the Pembroke Park Branch at 2675 SW 34th Avenue, Pembroke Park, FL or call 954-926-5161.

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Informing & Supporting
Conditioning Air Professionals
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