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2:35 pm, April 13, 2024
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CE Spotlight – Sanford Branch 2505

Contributed by CE Wholesale Area Manager Daniele Renfro

Todd Mower (BSA), Tim Winkle (BSM), Albert Ponce (BSA) and CarlHenry Jeanbart (Whse)

Welcome to Sanford, FL. Meet a team with over years 20 years of combined service here at Carrier Enterprise. This team has extensive experience, covering all aspects of the business, they can provide your team with a deep understanding of the industry, ranging from technical knowledge to customer service. This level of expertise can set you apart from competitors and make you a trusted choice for customers.

I’ve listed some FUN FACTS about this team – can you figure out who they are?

  1. People person is his strength – enjoys sharing his knowledge and building relationships with people/customers.
  2. Special connection between father and son – his sons’ first name are his initials creating a personal touch to their identities.
  3. Starting life a little earlier than expected (16 days) and on a day that symbolizes new beginnings for many people; makes his birth a special coincidence.
  4. Clogging – YEP Clogging… Quite interesting experience for one team member that was a part of a competition clogging team like Buckin” Mule who competed across the country. 

Come on in and let us know who is who… Let us help you set yourself apart from your competitors.

Visit the Sanford Branch at 3830 Enterprise Way, Suite. 1102, Sanford, FL or call 321-363-5530.

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Informing & Supporting
Conditioning Air Professionals
& the Industry