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What if You Paid Your Field Employees $100 an hour? – Part 2 by Ruth King

An interesting conversation with my plumber.

I had some plumbing work that needed to be done at my house. My long-time plumber left the company and I was introduced to a new plumber…who was good too.

It turns out he used to be an HVAC technician and switched careers. Yes, he went through the apprenticeship training again…four years of it.

I asked him why he switched. His answer – my paycheck doubled.

So…perhaps we DO need to raise hourly rates to keep people in our industry.

Here’s an easy way to calculate how much revenue a truck needs to generate at specific pay levels.

Desired net profit per hour + Overhead cost per hour + hourly wage.
Take this sum and multiply by 2080.
This is the minimum the field employee must generate to pay for him/herself.
If it is a crew of two, then do this calculation twice – one for each wage.
Add the two results together to get the revenues per truck needed.

For example, for one service technician:
·      Desired net profit per hour is $75 per hour
·      Overhead cost per hour is $40 per hour
·      Hourly wage is $50 per hour.
·      Sum = $165
·      Truck revenues needed are $165*2080 = $343,200.

For a crew of two people – this is person 1:
·      Desired net profit per hour is $100
·      Overhead cost per hour is $30 per hour
·      Hourly wage is $40 per hour
·      Sum = $170
·      Revenue for person 1 is $170 *2080 = $353,600
If person 2’s hourly wage is $25 per hour and everything else stays the same,
Revenue for person 2 is $155 * 2080 = $322,400
Truck revenues for the crew are: $353,600 + $322,400 = $676,000

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Informing & Supporting
Conditioning Air Professionals
& the Industry